with Shiva

I've come to painting later on in life, now painting with a growing momentum since 2017.

So why now? 

A life transforming night and menopause

So far I haven't had any formal lessons, deciding to creatively play with an intuitive, exploratory innocence and see what unfolds.

My paintings are reflections of inner exploratory processes of what I experience as the more intangible, spiritual dimensions to being human, and are influenced by eastern philosophy, Jesus and life experiences.

The creative process itself is a portal of meditative opportunity in to the workings of our minds and our belief systems - and in these moments there is the opportunity for change, for space, for joy and ease... Heaven! 

So I am motivated by a yearning to realise, ever more deeply, the truth of my existence - of all existence. 

When my life, first hand, has been transformed so completely by Life's creative process then why would I not!