What I Offer...


COMMISSIONS - from £45

I'd love to create a painting for you. I paint with acrylics on paper and canvas. I enjoy turning photos of landscapes and buildings into paintings. Alternatively a chat together of an idea you have, however unclear an idea, can lead to an intuitive led piece of work. I also enjoy painting symbolic images of Gods and Goddesses and all things of a spiritual dimension. Please do not hesitate to contact me to run over any ideas. 

1-1 painting sessions - £10 / hour

1-1 painting sessions currently on zoom due to covid restrictions.

These sessions can be variable in length, depending on your wishes and a one off or on-going.

It will be a safe space to share, chat or be quiet and explore both your mind and painting! 

There can be a theme or we both work on our own paintings.

Example Soul Plan Reading.png

soul plan reading - £75

When I had a Soul Plan reading it changed my life. It gave me perspective and took the 'personal' out of my life experiences. It was an opportunity and insight into a deeper part to myself and authenticated my place in the world. So I went on to become a Soul Plan practitioner, keen to offer insights in to universal intentions present in your name.

    soul plan (sp) reading +

sp yantra drawing session +

         SP painting session


3 sessions in total:

A Soul Plan reading to reconnect you at a deeper level to your life purpose, followed by a Soul Plan yantra drawing session, followed by a painting session to complete your yantra, which is a geometrical mystic design to hang on your wall and/or meditate on as an aid in realising yourself at ever deepening levels. A great gift to yourself or a loved one.