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About me

About Me

I'm Myca Palmer, a change maker for mental well-being.  I focus on all things mind body and soul. I am an author, artist, speaker and mentor. I share my journey from medication to meditation. I support women to find peace amidst this chaotic world. ❤

I am a qualified holistic counsellor, yoga and meditation teacher, and mental health mentor with a psychology and biology degree.

I am a self-taught intuitive artist who uses art as a medium to help others find peace. 
I love to paint and remind you that there is way, way more to you than the thoughts in your mind.


As a speaker, I share my lived experience and personal recovery journey to raise awareness with Mental Health professionals, GP's, Social workers, Therapists, Healers and other interested parties.

I use my lived experience and a holistic approach to hold space for exhausted and overwhelmed mums. 


My book 'Pendulum' was published on 23rd February. My gutsy memoir challenges society’s current methods for diagnosing, treating and living with ‘mental illness’. Read more

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If you would like to find out more about what I do please take a look at the Work with me page or use the form on the Contact page to get in touch. 

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