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I love to paint and watch a blank canvas come to life. I do believe each canvas is its own being that likes to be recognised as such and enjoyed. 


I paint one-off originals (ie no prints) so you end up with a unique, one of a kind piece for your home, office, wellbeing studio or where ever. I've been told the energy of them is only really felt when seen in person.

The creative process can be looked at as a cycle with a beginning, middle and end. Yet, with a beginning there is always an end and with each end there is always a beginning! Therefore, there are cycles within cycles, for all eternity it seems!


A blank canvas can be likened to a movie screen. The creative process is what goes on inside and outside yourself during the painting process and has an end. Much like life. What picture, what life do you want to create?


More paintings will be coming soon

To commission an art piece please contact me directly.


More paintings will be coming soon.

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