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What are Yantra?

Traditionally coming from Yoga, Yantra are sacred geometrical designs used for meditative, devotional and contemplative practice. I offer 1-1 and small group Yantra meditative drawing sessions. Currently these take place, primarily, via zoom.


Mandala represent the expression of a creative process whilst Yantra represent the force within, or principle behind the process. An example is the human life. My life and your life are mandala -  expressions of being human. The DNA that is within every cell of my being and of your being, the core principles that make us who we are - these are the Yantra. 

Within Yoga, the Hindu deities are represented as Yantra with uniquely different geometric designs. As such each deity draws forth particular energies within us, when both creating a Yantra and when working with them as a meditative and devotional tool. For me each deity symbolises different aspects of being human; aspects to be honoured within and aspired to.

To honour and respect these divine parts which are within each and every one of us, it is important to set an intention when starting the Yantra creating process. One way to do this is set a space of quiet contemplation and inwardly work with Yantra specific mantras. The process, therefore, is meditative and focused, building energy within oneself and the Yantra which, in itself, becomes very much alive and a focal point to remember divine qualities within ourselves.

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