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I'm going to be a granny :-)

Letter 1 - to my first grandchild and to any and all future grandchildren

(the painting is blue, for a boy, and black and white acrylics on A4 art paper)


As I write this, from the sofa, on this beautiful hot and sunny June day, I’m thinking of you just 4 months in utero. Yes, that is correct. You are a bump in your mummy’s tummy, a scan picture shared excitedly between many and a whooshing heart beat sound that only your parents (and the individual scanning you) have heard. Actually that’s not quite correct for you are probably hearing it too, if your ears are yet developed, I’m unsure. If not, you will as time goes by. Yesterday whilst working I received a picture on my mobile of blue confetti lying on the floor; a novel way to me of discovering your gender.

So many hopes and dreams for you are already entering people’s minds and hearts at the wonder of your unfolding life. Yet it is YOUR life and I quietly hope and pray for you that it be one of joyous abound and that you grow to be loving, peaceful, compassionate and wise - realising the truth of who you are.

It never ceases to amaze me – the wonder of creation. So have you existed before now, or do you only exist once born? You’ll discover, as time goes by, that everyone has a different perspective and will have different ideas about that, and on everything, in fact. You’ll also learn that those ideas can change over time too. But this letter is from your granny or am I a granny-to-be? Some may say your granny is weird... yeh, I agree. Weird means extra-ordinary, so I hope you are too ;-)

Not only have you been a thought, an idea, an intention in your mummy and daddy’s hopes and dreams, before they even met, you have been in mine too. So you, and any other grandchildren I may have, have been in hopes and dreams for a long time. So you have existed on some level, for sure. As such I’d say that those same thoughts, ideas and intentions would have been thoughts through all your ancestral generations going back to day dot! I find that mind-blowingly awesome, do you? So you did exist before now, my love, in a way, and now you are coming in to form. For me that shows the interconnectedness of us all – of just how many moments each person within your ancestral tree has each experienced, going back hundreds of thousands of years, coming together to create…you. If not one of those moments occurred exactly as they did then we each would not be here now. You have to agree, surely, that that is bloody awesome. But then again we all have our own take on things and you have to realise yours, for you, sweetheart. And that is just the human development aspect to evolution. But every other moment of evolution also had to occur exactly as it did to! I wonder what you will think if/when you read this!

So, you see, you are divinely timed and existed before now – consciousness, your true nature, your very core.

Already I hold and love you in my heart, for already you are so very dear. Safe journey.



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