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Soul Plan Readings

'Soul Plan' is the name given to a modern interpretation of a system whose roots are associated in ancient numerology. It is based around the idea that at a deeper level, our world and we are born out of vibration (sound) and light. On this basis, a Soul Plan reading looks at the universal, energetic intent that comes from the vibrational sound of your birth name. Your full birth name then becomes a code, which can be used as a key to unlock deeper meaning to your life.

Soul Plan readings are empowering, informative and transformational, offering a different perspective to your life. They help you understand difficulties you may have experienced to date, and can guide you to connect, on a deeper level, to natural abilities you may/ may not already be aware of. Often it serves as a catalyst, increasing clarity and understanding as to your life purpose and how to work with obstacles that may be in your way.


Before a reading you will be asked for your original birth name. This will be converted in to numbers, which will be given to you during your reading. It will be presented in a way as shown in the below diagram but with the numbers and energies specific to your birth name. From here the reading will unfold a little like a story, your life story.

Example Soul Plan Reading.png

What you will gain from a Soul Plan reading

  • A deeper understanding as to why you have experienced all you have.

  • Insight in to what you are naturally good at and the importance of tapping into these.

  • Access to a deeper level of understanding about yourself.

  • Greater clarity regarding your goals and purpose in life.

  • Awareness of issues still holding you back, and practical guidance to overcome them (if requested).

  • Connection to your overall life purpose.

  • A specific Soul Plan healing.

  • Relaxing meditation.

A Soul Plan reading is 90 minutes long, preferably in person, but currently via Zoom due to covid restrictions. The price for a reading is £75.

Relationship Soul Plan Readings


Relationship Soul Plan readings are also available. These are useful to bring awareness and understanding to past and present relationships with a loved one or family member. They highlight likely compatibility and areas where your energies may enhance each other or create conflict. They can, therefore, help make sense of difficult relationships and look at ways to improve such relationships.


A Relationship Soul Plan reading is 75 minutes long, is preferably done in person, but can be achieved via Skype, and costs £48. You need to have already had your own Soul Plan reading to have a relationship reading. If you wish to have a mini Soul Plan reading and relationship reading together, this would be 90 minutes long, and cost £95.

To find out more or book a Soul Plan reading, please contact Myca.

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