New Series - 'Staircase to Heaven'

Welcome to my first online gallery exhibit of a series of acrylic paintings on paper and canvas with accompanying sensual videos. Their creation has been an ever deepening exploration, for me, in to the depths of what it truly means to be human - beyond ideas and form. Influenced by eastern philosophy through traditional teachings of yoga (meaning union - of mind, body &soul) I have focused on the Hindu Gods and Goddesses associated with the 6 main chakra (portals) of our more subtle energy bodies. My wish is for you to sit back, take a pause and feel drawn more deeply in to your natural state. :-)


Most of these paintings have gone to their new homes, but if you would like to commission a similar piece, see if one you like is still available to buy, or commission an idea you have then please do contact me. If the yantra inspire you to learn to draw and paint your own in a meditative space I'd love to share what I have discovered.

A yantra, size 50cm x 50 cm on canvas costs around £150

A yantra the same size as the ones here, on canvas, (75cm x 75cm) costs around £250

I am happy to give quotes for other sizes and materials.

Looking forward to hearing from you.