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Yoga Mentoring

Yoga, as a regular spiritual practice, is its own therapy for it helps break down stuck energies through practising asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), spinal breathing and meditation. With regular yoga practice, the self-limiting habits, patterns and tendencies move through our five energy bodies as they come in to consciousness to be seen and transcended. 


But, as with all things, we can meet resistance along the way. Have you met resistance? Maybe you have had a regular practice but it’s fallen away, or you are currently struggling with your yoga in some way.


Whatever the reason, DON’T give up!

I understand first hand what resistance is like and I understand the amazing benefits of continuing through the difficult times. I also understand the need to have someone to talk to about such things, someone whose aim is to point me back to myself whilst holding a space for me to talk about and explore my experiences. To have someone to talk to who is not going to give me advice, but who will listen and remind me who I really am.

I offer 30 minute sessions via phone or Skype.

For further information or to arrange a session, please contact me.

Price: £10 per session

FREE initial consultation

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