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The end of the doer is nigh


I've come to painting later on in life, now painting with a growing momentum since 2017.

So why now? 

A life transforming night and menopause

Painting with an intuitive, exploratory innocence I like to see what each canvas wants to reveal for I feel each painting is reflective of a human life being lived and fulfilled.


My paintings are reflections of inner exploratory processes of what I experience as the more intangible, spiritual dimensions to being human, and are influenced by eastern philosophy, the teachings of Jesus and life experiences.


The creative process itself is a portal of meditative opportunity in to the workings of our minds and our belief systems - and in these moments there is the opportunity for change, for space, for joy and ease. So I am motivated by a yearning to realise, ever more deeply, the truth of my existence - of all existence. When my life, first hand, has been transformed so completely by Life's creative process then why would I not!

Through such discoveries I like to share with others and am keen for the mental health system to realise the need to address our spiritual dimension and bring forward yogic teachings about the mind, body and soul I have come to realise is the key to good mental wellbeing.




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