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Wisdom beyond Menopause

Some say life begins at 40. That wasn’t so for me. I spent my 40th birthday in a psychiatric hospital! 


I’d say life begins at menopause – if you are a woman that is! Or it deeply has the potential to.


Like WTF I hear you say. Well yeh I do say. Firstly womens menstrual cycles have classically been referred to as ‘the curse’ and menopause – well – life is over with a dried out vagina and nothing left to live for!


Sound familiar?


But wait – what is that all about? My experiences through yoga and being with women who learn about the deep wisdom of the menstrual cycle has opened up new portals of insight and a cherishing of being a woman. I feel saddened I didn’t know alternative ways of looking at the menstrual cycle whilst I still had one! I learnt about them during menopause. 


If, like me, you have past that phase of life or are peri menopausal or menopausal then you need to hear it is not the end. Well it is – of one phase of life but be aware of the power of your thoughts and belief systems in that! Say you are finished, dried up and no good and you will surely bring it to pass!


 I feel that the whole letting go of being a ‘productive’ woman (of babies) is a doorway to wisdom, knowing and opportunity to realise at deepening levels our true essence. To do this we basically have to face our shit, which is mother nature’s loving way of helping us grow as human beings. If you haven’t had the opportunity to face your shit each month of your menstrual cycle, then admittedly it can be more forceful at menopause. It is life’s message to wake up and be the wise crone/hag/witch/elder you deeply and truly are (make sure you take out your ideas, beliefs and conditioning regarding those terms first!)


Did you know that in days gone by some native Americans would have a red tent specifically for women to go to during their bleed time? The chiefs and elders were so in tune with life they realised the wisdom in women’s moon cycles and were keen to hear their meditative insights when they stepped forth from the tents. Can you imagine your company doing that?


The natural rhythm to a woman’s cycle makes her feel more quiet and meditative around the start of each cycle. How fantastic it would be to be allowed to meditate during this time and still be paid from work and allowed to honour all it is to be a woman. Instead we ignore nature’s natural rhythm, popping a few painkillers, moaning about the ‘bloody nuisance’ and squashing down the monthly reoccurring theme of potentially lower mood as we try to ignore these deeper calls!

So menopause is a lifetime of squashing down unfelt hurts, betrayals, missed dreams etc coming to one’s surface with the force of Godzilla! Without realising this awesome creative process, menopause can feel like hell. It can feel like hell either way but with insight in to this natural healing and coming together of different aspects of ourselves, the experience and insights gained  - life changing.


Your creative force is changing from making babies to realising your essence and showing up as a wise woman in the world – if you let it! Embrace this time, don’t resist. Drawing and painting is a great creative outlet to explore yourself more deeply and to allow your creative essence to show herself to you more profoundly.


Not only did the whole process of menopause kick me out of a life of serious mental illness and hospital admissions, it awoke me to Life’s creative process in all things spiritual. Mother nature is calling you home. Menopause turned my life upside down, or more accurately - the right way up ;-)


If you think I’m talking a load of rubbish, fair enough! But remember this – they are just thoughts, and thoughts come and go. Your true essence doesn’t. Something has been with you as a child, teenager, adult and through all your ups and downs. Isn’t it worth discovering that within yourself?

Kali Ma Yantra

Power of the womb 

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