Traditionally coming from Yoga, Yantra are sacred geometrical designs used for meditative, devotional and contemplative practice. I offer 1-1 and small group Yantra and Soul Plan Yantra meditative drawing sessions. Currently these take place via zoom.













Are Mandala and Yantra the same?

Mandala represent the expression of a creative process whilst Yantra represent the force within, or principle behind the process. An example is the human life. My life and your life are mandala -  expressions of being human. The DNA that is within every cell of my being and of your being, the core principles that make us who we are - these are the Yantra. 

Within Yoga, the Hindu deities are represented as Yantra with uniquely different geometric designs. As such each deity draws forth particular energies within us, when both creating a Yantra and when working with them as a meditative and devotional tool. For me each deity symbolises different aspects of being human; aspects to be honoured within and aspired to.

Kali Ma represents our raw, creative essence. She is the primordial divine mother expression of creativity and is assigned to the second chakra and so our sexual energy, without which human beings would not procreate! She is a force to be reckoned with and a powerful energy which can get the better of us or be channeled in to more joyous and loving pursuits! The downward triangle is the female symbol of creating new life and the blood drops in the Yantra I have painted above represent the power, and responsibility, that come from being a woman.










To honour and respect these divine parts which are within each and every one of us, it is important to set an intention when starting the Yantra creating process. One way to do this is set a space of quiet contemplation and inwardly work with Yantra specific mantras. The process, therefore, is meditative and focused, building energy within oneself and the Yantra which, in itself, becomes very much alive and a focal point to remember divine qualities within ourselves.

I love the formal structure of drawing yantra; the concentration needed and reliance on accurate measuring with compass, pencil and ruler. The whole process is also a great teacher, just like the practice of yoga.








Soul Plan is based on ancient numerology and is a key to your life's potential. It is a method that converts your birth name into numbers and from their in to energetic symbols as can be seen above. The symbols, through a Soul Plan Reading, and/or by meditating on your own specific Soul Plan Yantra, reveal a deeper understanding to oneself. 


Each yantra is created with love and care to honour the energies it represents. Using compass, pencil and ruler the blank canvas becomes a portal to life. The moment the compass touches the paper your own universe comes in to being - it equates to the moment in time when all came in to being - 'the big bang'! From there the Yantra is a journey, firstly creating the world and North, South, East and West directions (the outline shape). Once we have experienced life in the world we turn inwards, questioning 'who am I'? This is the realising of who we are and the journey to centre - to our core. The lines, circles and lotus petals represent this transcending and unavoidable journey. The Yantra can be thought of as a 3D image like a pyramid, starting with the foundations on mother earth and then transcending to loftier heights until we realise our divinity in human form - the top of the pyramid. From nothing came everything, and from everything we once again return to nothing!


























This Yantra represents someone who has had 4 relevant name changes in their life 

For a commissioned Soul Plan Yantra, your individual and specific soul message is repeated, as a mantra, during the creative process as an honouring of who you are at your heart.

Colours are intuitively chosen unless otherwise specified and no two Yantra (traditional or Soul Plan) are the same. 

If you are interested in learning to draw your own traditional Yantra or Soul Plan Yantra and/or would like to commission a Yantra then please do contact me. I'd love to hear from you and share with you this beautiful creative process.


Sri Yantra on canvas painted with acrylics

SRI YANTRA - Acrylic painting on canvas  

 100cm x 100cm

Kali Ma Yantra

Kali Ma Yantra. Acrylic paint on art paper  30cm x 30cm

Durga Ma Yantra acrylics on art paper 30cm x 30cm


Soul Plan Yantra. Acrylics on art paper 30cm X 30cm


Overlay Soul Plan Yantra. Acrylic paints on canvas. 50cm x 50cm

Mahamrityunjaya Yantra

Mahamrityunjaya Yantra. Acrylic paints on art paper 30cm x 30cm