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Soul Plan Yantra

The following is a brief introduction to Soul Plan Yantra. If you would like more information, would be interested in commissioning a Soul Plan yantra for yourself, or would like to learn to draw and paint one yourself then please contact me.

A yantra is a geometric mystical design, traditionally used in yoga as an aid for concentration, meditation and devotion to specific deities. Each deity is represented by uniquely different geometric designs. Each deity symbolises different aspects of being human; aspects to be honoured within and aspired to.



Soul Plan is the name given to a numerology-based system looking at the universal intent in an individual’s birth name. By recognising the vibrational intent and energies attributable to our birth names, a kind of code or map to our life is formulated. Through this we can better understand our life challenges, realise our latent or obvious talent energies, and move towards fulfilling and enjoying our lifetime goals. See Soul Plan Readings  for more info.

I have heard yogis say that ‘the ultimate yantra is a human being’, so why not symbolise our uniqueness in a Soul Plan yantra, honouring the very energies we are each made up of that vibrate through our birth name?

Much like I imagine life before the ‘big bang’, a yantra starts with a blank canvas. The blank canvas on which a yantra is created can be likened to a blank movie screen on which a film is then played. So too it is also said how our individual take of the world is playing out on the movie screen of life. So I see the moment the compass point touches the centre of the canvas as symbolic to the big bang; to the moment of manifest creation, of ma Shakti, of mother nature, of the feminine bursting forth from nothing. From the first touch of the compass point on the canvas, or paper, a large circle is created representing that which exists and so a movement from unity to duality. This is representative of the moment we are conceived, for from nothing came an idea and then a foetus. Within this large circle (the circle is later rubbed out) a square representing the earth, the world and all its desires is created. From here the four gates are created, representing the four directions of north, south, east and west and their cosmic influences. On a human level we are born in to the world and affected by our wants and desires, where we live and life experiences. At some point we each will, undoubtedly, have our fill of worldly desires and so turn our gaze from ‘out there’ in the world, to inwards, as we each look inside ourselves for deeper meaning. At this stage we may well question who we are, and wonder what life is all about. After all each of us yearns to be happy.

The inner steps of the yantra (thin borders of the outer shape (bhupura)), are representative to me of walking down the Indian ghats (sets of steps) that lead to the sacred Ganges river in India; an indicator that the tide has turned in our lives, so to speak, beginning to recognise and honour the unifying deep waters within. 


In geometry, triangles are representative of different energies, and the shatkona (6 pointed star) represents the union of both the male and feminine form, which is yoga. In Soul Plan terms our birth name results in seven energy symbols, one symbol for each point of the star, and the seventh is our ultimate potential for union of mind, body and soul (yoga), or soul destiny.


The circles of a yantra and the lotus petals are more representative of the transcendental pathway back home to our centre, which we come to realise we never left! Our centre is where the initial compass point was made and is the completion to the yantra to be seen in all its glory. Universal intent brings us in to being, from here the world is experienced, at some stage we turn inwards and potentially fulfil our Soul Plan. 

A Soul Plan yantra makes a great gift to yourself or another, as a reminder of the divine energies you embody. By meditating on it regularly you can come to know more of who you really are.

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